studyphotosmallAre you relatively new to guitar and looking to start playing Jazz?

Or, perhaps you have years of playing experience, but feel like exploring new musical avenues…

No matter what your past experience is with the guitar, I can help get you to where you want to be as a Jazz guitarist.

I created Terence Wright Guitar with the intention of bringing complete, well informed and thorough Jazz guitar lessons to you, for free!

Everything on Terence Wright Guitar is focused around immediately getting you playing and understanding Jazz guitar, whether you’re a beginner or a gigging musician.


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  “Terence Wright is a ‘musician’s musician’ who never fails to engage the listener with his versatility, his breadth of vocabulary, and his finely-tuned musical sensibilities and intelligence. A rising star among young Canadian guitarists!” – Dr. James Wright, Supervisor of Performance Studies and Professor at Carleton University   


LR-2424-2I had a pretty late start getting into music and the guitar in general.

It might sound cliché, but my entire young life I secretly wished I had learned how to play the guitar and understand music.

This hidden passion of mine finally reached its tipping point in my first year of an eCommerce program at the University of Ottawa.

I had just experienced a troubling health issue (I’m doing great now!) and was unable to continue my studies. Although it was a both physically and mentally exhausting time in my life, I found refuge in playing the guitar.

Having some extra time on my hands from not being in school, I thought I would give the guitar an honest shot.

The rest you could say is history, but here are the details anyway 🙂

After only playing guitar for a few months I knew it was something I wanted to take very seriously. Over the next year I was practicing full-time and working part-time in a local hardware store.

Even back when I started on the instrument, guitar lessons were ubiquitous on the internet. But not knowing where to start or how to organize my time, I just read and played anything that peaked my interest (which at the time usually involved playing rock or metal as fast as I possibly could!).

It wasn’t until a few months into my whirlwind decision to devote myself to the guitar that I thought of taking lessons with a teacher. This was another pivotal point in my musical development, and literally could have made or broken my path as a guitarist. A great teacher is crucial to achieving your full potential on the instrument.

A friend recommended that I take lessons with Ottawa-based Jazz guitarist Tim Bedner. At that point, Jazz had not played a very big role in my life and I had no idea what to expect.

I remember my first lesson vividly:

It was the first time I saw a Jazz guitarist perform, and it was not just any Jazz guitarist: it was Tim Bedner (I strongly urge you to check out Tim’s site here). When I saw him playing, I was blown away. The sounds he played were like nothing I had ever heard before and I knew immediately that this is what I wanted to learn and practice.

As the first lesson continued, Tim asked me to play a couple of barre chords for him. I couldn’t do it — I didn’t even know what a barre chord was, let alone a single note on my guitar outside of the string names (all that shredding practice was powerless here).

I was a complete and utter beginner to the world of Jazz, and still getting started on the guitar. Thankfully, after speaking with Tim about my goals and aspirations of becoming a guitarist, he accepted me as a student.

Under the tutelage of my new teacher, I was provided with guidance that allowed me to learn at an unimaginable rate compared to what I was doing on my own.

Similarly, I can provide you with the instruction that you need to allow you to reach your fullest potential as a Jazz guitarist through Skype Guitar lessons today!

Through my lessons with Tim, the structure, context, and sounds of Jazz guitar became clearer and clearer. My playing progressed so quickly that in under two years of picking up the instrument, I was accepted into a Bachelor in Music Performance program.

Since graduating from my Bachelor of Music Performance program at Carleton University with Highest Honors, I have been lucky to be able to work and live as a Jazz guitarist.

Whether it’s teaching, playing cocktail gigs or performing in international festivals such as the RBC BluesFest or TD Ottawa JazzFest, I enjoy every minute of it.

I believe that anyone with the right approach can achieve their goals in music, and I’m honored to be a part of your Jazz guitar journey.


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